The Electronics Group offers a variety of specialist inspection equipment to examine and inspect electronic assemblies and devices.

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Environmental Testing Chamber

The Environmental Testing Chamber is designed to simulate the harsh environments that your assembly may be subject to when out in the field. Companies can carry out ‘accelerated life-cycle testing’, ‘stress testing’ and ‘product reliability’ testing. Our chamber is a Votsch VC 7018 and details of its specification can be found below.

The chamber provides a cyclic, single incremental measurement programme of testing from -70°C to +180°C with humidity from 10% to 98% above 10°C.

Interior dimensions are 580mm x 450mm x 750mm.

Temperature rate of change – heating is 4°C/minute.

Temperature rate of change – cooling is 3°C/minute.

This machine is available for hire per day on a block booking rate, price is on application.

X-Tek Revolution X-Ray

Typical applications

The system is designed for 100% BGA (Ball Grid Array), µBGA and CSP (Chip Scale Packaging) inspection, plus multilayer board inspection and PCB solder joint inspection. Many assemblies using BGA, CSP and flip-chip devices simply cannot be visually inspected, so a high resolution X-Ray analysis is the only way to investigate problems.

Investigation applications include:

  • Fractures, cracks and faults in materials and components
  • Component counterfeit detection
  • Dry joints
  • Bridges/shorts
  • Voiding
  • Misplacement and misalignment
  • Incorrect reflow temperature profiles

X-ray equipment description and specification

The state-of-the-art X-Tek [Nikon] Revolution X-ray inspection system can image fine detail in thick and dense samples with a magnification of up to 6000x. Features include:

  • Micron level resolution
  • 300mm x 300mm (12” x 12”) scan area
  • 6000x magnification
  • 75° oblique viewing angle
  • High penetration 160kV X-ray source
  • True concentric imaging
  • True parallel tracking
  • Easy to use software
  • Weight limit of 4Kg

True concentric imaging means you can choose a Region of Interest (ROI) and position it in the centre of the screen. Then, under any combination of rotate, tilt or magnification, the ROI remains locked to the centre of the field of view.

True parallel tracking means that once you have the right combination of tilt and rotate to view a BGA ball you can then run along the row of BGA balls easily checking for failures.

X-ray investigation services

Alternatively, samples can be sent to the technical team at The Electronics Group along with a clear description of the problem and the investigation needed, and our trained and skilled individuals will conduct the investigation on your behalf. If there is any uncertainty or if unexpected issues are discovered then the team will contact you.

Hiring equipment

Call us for a personalised quotation for either time on our equipment or our investigation and report services. Discounts can also be offered for block bookings of equipment time or investigation services.

The Electronics Group Members will receive a 10% discount on equipment use.

Optical Inspection

Find faults easily using visual inspection of components and PCBs Complex electronic assemblies using advanced miniaturised component packages such as Ball Grid Array (BGA), Chip Scale Package (CSP), Quad Flat Pack / Quad Flat Pack No-Leads (QFP / QFN) and flip chips can be very difficult to diagnose when problems occur. This makes populated PCB inspection and testing highly challenging. That’s when advanced BGA and PCB inspection microscopes can make your life a whole lot easier.

We offer a range of different instruments to allow you to examine almost any aspect of a PCB or electronics assembly. Our Ersascope 2 uses a fibre optic stem and prism which bends the image by 90° so you can see sideways underneath a component already soldered onto the PCB. Our Hawk systems allow you either a high magnification stereo view of an assembly from almost any angle or the ability to measure things like copper plating thickness, fillet height or component dimensions to very high levels of accuracy. All our visual inspection and measurement systems include video capture for reports, to allow comparison against previous samples or to track changes over time.

Optical inspection solutions Inspect under BGAs, CSPs and QFNs using the Ersascope 2’s fibre optic stem and prism which bends the image by 90°. Its optical system enables inspections to take place in accordance with the IPC Inspection Standards (e.g. IPC J-Std and 610) for not only BGA, but also for the hidden, interior joints on surface mount devices and through-hole components. IPC and other industry experts acknowledge the importance of using such technology for inspection purposes.

In addition the system can be used with other lens systems to obtain close up photos of faults and anomalies. Included is a video camera connected to image processing software so that pictures can be stored, emailed or used as a reference source. Further software can assist with fault diagnosis and offers pictures of a range of typical faults and guidance for their rectification.

The Ersascope system enables defects to be found that may go undetected by other inspection methods; as such it offers the perfect complement to The Electronics Group’s other scopes and X-ray system.

Check copper plating thickness, fillet height, component dimensions, etc, after microsectioning using our extremely accurate three-dimension, microscope-based, Hawk measurement system. This measures in three axes, to a resolution of 1 micron, with a wide range of advanced trigonometric functions and photographic capability. Magnification is from 50 times to 500 times.

The Hawk inspection system includes a video camera connected to image processing software so that pictures can be stored, emailed or used as a reference source.

From simple manual, single-feature operation to complex component part measurement, Vision’s Hawk offers a modular and flexible solution to meet a wide range of metrology requirements.

Accurate measurement of complex components is achieved using the high contrast, high resolution optical image, enabling enhanced surface definition for fast and simple measurement. Critical parts can be measured with confidence.


  • High repeatable accuracy, 3-axis (X, Y, Z) measurements
  • Optical image clearly defines edges, offering superb resolution and contrast
  • Powerful and intuitive microprocessor delivers simple, fast results
  • High precision measuring stage options
  • Camera image capture

The Hawk has both high precision and large capacity measuring stage options, making it ideal for high accuracy 3-axis measurement of tight tolerance, precision components, or difficult-to-view parts, such as low contrast plastics. Data processing is performed by a powerful multi-function microprocessor and has been designed with ease of operation in mind.

Optical equipment description and specification

Kurtz Ersa Ersacope 2

  • Magnification: 90° optical lens, up to 425x; flip chip lens, up to 700x; 0° lens, up to 250x
  • Image View: TFT Video Display
  • Image Capture: via USB2 interface

Vision Engineering Lynx Stereo Inspection Microscope Magnification:

  • 3.5x to 120x stereo
  • Working Distance: 47mm to 177mm
  • Field of View: 1.2mm to 25.3mm
  • Image View: Ergonomic ‘eyepieceless’ optics
  • Image Capture: via USB2 interface

Vision Engineering Hawk Precision Measuring Microscope

  • Magnification: 50x to 500x stereo
  • Measurement Range: 150mm (X-axis); 150mm (Y-axis); 202-255mm (Z-axis)
  • Measurement Uncertainty: U95 2D = 4+(5.5L/1000)µm
  • Image View: Ergonomic ‘eyepieceless’ optics
  • Image Capture: via USB2 interface

Optical equipment hire

Customers can use the equipment themselves at our Leeds facility. Time on the equipment can be hired by the hour or by the day, and will include training on the use of the equipment where required.

Optical investigation services

Alternatively, samples can be sent to The Electronics Group’s Technology Centre along with a clear description of the problem and the investigation needed, and our trained and skilled team will conduct the investigation on your behalf. If there is any uncertainty or if unexpected issues are discovered then the team will involve you by phone. Once the investigation is complete a report will be prepared, usually including images from the optical microscopes, which will be sent to you with the returned sample.


Services offered PCB inspection, including:

  • how to check circuit boards
  • inspection pcb
  • pcb inspection equipment
  • pcb inspection microscope
  • printed circuit board inspection
  • printed circuit board pictures BGA inspection, including:
  • ball grid array inspection
  • bga inspection microscope

SMT inspection, including:

  • solder inspection
  • surface mount inspection

SMD inspection

  • Visual inspection, including:
  • vision inspection
  • vision inspection systems
  • optical inspection
Thermal Imaging and Remote Temperature Sensing

Locate hot or cold areas of an assembly, product or building

Thermal imaging camera hire can be used effectively to find both hot areas and cold areas in many applications. The temperature range of each colour portrayed can be set to as close as 2°C giving a very accurate temperature picture of the device, facility or building under scrutiny. Infrared thermal imaging is easy and accurate.

Our Land Cyclops thermal imaging camera, using the latest infra-red image processing, is also incredibly portable and can be used both in indoor and outdoor locations.