IPC 7711/7721 – Rework, Repair and Modification of Electronic Assemblies

Don’t waste money by scrapping faulty assemblies; with IPC 7711/7721 you can repair and rework them.

When a PCB loaded with expensive components does not work you may feel you need to scrap it or send it out for repair, but IPC 7711/7721 offers you a money-saving alternative, fix it yourself.

Manufacturers and assemblers who want to realise dramatic cost savings by reworking, repairing and modifying electronic assemblies and printed circuit boards can benefit from IPC 7711/7721 qualified staff.

Who should attend IPC 7711/7721 training?

This course is aimed at anyone responsible for the rework, modification or repair of assembled PCBs, such as:

  • repair engineers
  • rework operators
  • production staff
  • anyone responsible for the quality and reliability of products leaving the company

IPC 7711/7721 is aimed at staff working in manufacturing and assembly companies. Experience in most rework/repair procedures along with soldering and component rework skills are required.

IPC 7711/7721 for trainers or staff

There are two levels of IPC 7711/7721 training.

To have your team able to work to the guidelines you need the Application Specialist (CIS) level.
To take responsibility for your own training at least one of your team must gain the Certified IPC Trainer (CIT) level to train and certify other staff. Any company with a large number of staff who will benefit from IPC 7711/7721 knowledge and certification may find it more beneficial to have a certified trainer to train and maintain its own employees.

The Electronics Group has Master IPC Trainers delivering CIS and CIT certification across all five practical and classroom-based IPC programmes.

IPC 7711/7721 course overview

IPC 7711/7721 is the electronic industry’s standard for the guidelines on removing and replacing electronic components and repairing circuitry, whether for surface mount rework and repair or for conventional boards. It is designed to provide hands-on instruction and training on specific modules in the IPC rework, repair and modification guide.


IPC 7711/7721 Rework of Electronic Assemblies is the industry’s standard for removing and replacing electronic components, and IPC 7721 Repair and Modification of printed boards and assemblies is the industry’s standard for repairing circuitry. The full course teaches the IPC recommended techniques, tools, equipment and materials required to perform removal, replacement, and repair operations on plated through hole and surface mount assemblies as well as land, conductor and laminate repair, and covers procedural requirements, tools, materials and methods for removing and replacing conformal coatings. The programme includes procedures for repairing and modifying boards and assemblies with support for lead free, BGAs and repairs.

IPC 7711/7721 covers three classes of quality assurance:

  • Class 1

General electronic products – such as cameras, audio/video and domestic appliances. The lifetime of these products is limited, and a failure is not critical.

  • Class 2

Dedicated service electronic products – such as printers, copiers, computers and general production equipment. The lifetime of the products is longer than class 1, the amount of usage is higher, and an uninterrupted service is desirable.

  • Class 3

High reliability/critical products – such as military, aerospace and medical. Not only is the product lifetime extended but the products must function without interruption and downtime is not an acceptable option.

IPC 7711/7721 course duration and booking
  • Certified IPC Trainer (CIT) course is 5 days.

All modules are mandatory.

A copy of the IPC Standard and IPC’s training materials are included for each student.


  • Certified IPC application Specialist (CIS) course is 4 days.

All modules are covered within four days.

A copy of the IPC Standard is included for each student for the duration of the course.


Electronics Yorkshire Members are automatically upgraded to become full members of The Electronics Group and as a result, undertaking training at our Leeds centre receives a 10% discount on training costs.


IPC training programmes are intensive courses including examinations. Students should have the necessary standard of knowledge and experience to support their attendance on a course and to undertake the examination. If students have any concerns about qualification to attend any course they should contact The Electronics Group’s training staff in advance for advice.