An Apprenticeship is an opportunity to kick start your career and a great way to learn new skills while earning a wage.

At The Electronics Group, we offer two levels of Apprenticeships…

Level 2: Performing Engineering Operations (GCSE Equivalent) – Equivalent to 5 GCSEs

Level 3: Electrical & Electronics Engineering (A Level Equivalent) – Equivalent to 2 A Levels

Both frameworks are a solid foundation to any career in Electronics Engineering, with a whole wide variety of job prospects available after completion of your Apprenticeship.

Where will I work?

There are a number of employers who we work with to find a suitable opportunity for each potential Apprentice.

What you could be?

  • R&D Engineer
  • Production Engineer
  • Test Engineer
  • Production Analyst
  • Operator
  • Plus much more…

An Apprenticeship could lead you onto promotion with your employer, new employer with new opportunities, higher apprenticeship with a a University degree and even University itself.

With an Apprentice your minimum earnings are above £10335 after completion of your first year at either Level 2 or Level 3.


Yes – you will be given a contract of employment by your employer and will be a fully paid employee until the end of your Apprenticeship where your employer may give you the opportunity to sign a full length contract.
Yes – as you have a contract of employment, you are entitled to statutory leave which most companies offer a minimum of 18 days and above.
Your role is dependent upon your employers requirements, you could be working in R&D, Production, Repairs, Test (plus more) within the company and this may change depending on the companies requirements and where you enjoy your work after the Apprenticeship’s completion.
Depending on the option you are taking and the employers offering, typically the Apprenticeship lasts 12 – 24 months.
There are several options available to you and this depends on what you want to do and where you wish to end up in your career…

  • Your employer may wish to keep you on a permanent contract of employment.
  • Potential for a further or higher level Apprenticeship
  • Potential University opportunity